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Sales Video

Using video to get your product or service to the consumer is the best way to inform and capture your audience. Video is more likely to impress and leave a lasting impression on your audience, all whilst holding their attention.


  • Joseph Hill

    Are you saying that Video is a better aid to my business than printed matter ? Typically what would a Video cost ?

    • BOXmediaTV

      Great question Joseph – Video is definitely more powerful, as it can tell a 3 dimensional story, research tells us for increased engagement one would rather watch than read and it’s easier to get an emotional impact as you are touching 2 senses, vision and hearing. Why don’t you drop me an email or give us a call 08448877007 to discuss your requirements from which we can work out costs.

  • Joseph Hill

    I was at a networking meeting today and the question of grants for videos was mentioned – is this something you are aware of ?